Work Accident Claim: A Quality Caring Service

If you have had an accident at work as a result of your employer’s or fellow employees’ negligence, you are entitled to make a work accident claim for your physical and psychological suffering, together with compensation for any financial losses. This includes any loss of earnings and/or extra expenditure on such things as transport costs to and from hospital, or payment for household tasks your injury prevents you from doing yourself. Contact us for expert, free advice on 0800 980 9392, or complete our online claim form, if you would like more information.

Work accident claims: your rights:

No matter where you work, your employer has a legal responsibility to ensure that employees are working in a safe environment, and they must abide by Health and Safety regulations.

Fears about job security should not put you off from claiming. Legally your employer cannot dismiss you or treat you in a way that is unfair if you make a work accident claim. Employers are obliged to have insurance to cover any workplace accidents, so it is the insurance company that pays your compensation. Your work accident claim could also help to make sure that the same accident does not happen again, making the workplace environment much safer for you and others in the future.

Expert legal advice:

At Macks Solicitors, our work accident claims specialists are here to help recover the maximum compensation you are entitled to. Our lawyers have the expertise to deal with the complex legal issues associated with accidents in the workplace and have a history of success with a wide variety of work accident claims. We work on a no-win, no-fee basis which means that you keep 100% of your compensation. Even if your claim is unsuccessful, you will have nothing whatsoever to pay, as we will write off all of our fees. Our service will always be completely free to you.

An efficient, hassle free service:

Our aim is to make the claims process as easy and hassle-free for you as possible. Our friendly team will explain the legal issues in plain English and are happy to deal with your work accident claim in a way that suits you: over the phone, by e-mail, or in person in one of our offices or interview facilities. Our lawyers can also visit you at home or in hospital to take the stress out of making a claim. We will be with you every step of the way through the claims process.

Making a work accident claim:

For free, no obligation advice from work accident claim experts, contact us today on 0800 980 9392, or fill out our online claim form.

Whichever type of working environment you are employed in, workplace accidents are all too common. Accidents at work are not only confined to the sort of jobs which may be regarded as dangerous for instance construction or heavy industry, they also occur in offices. Office accident compensation can be sought after if you have been involved in an office accident which was not your fault for instance:

  • Tripping over something
  • Slipping on a wet surface
  • Trying to lift a heavy object

When at work your employer should provide a safe working environment as well as training and instructions on how to use office equipment correctly. Breaching any of these statutory duties they may be liable for negligence if you have been injured because of an accident as a result of that breach. If you would like to talk to us about office accident compensation rest assured your worries and concerns will be discussed by experienced and friendly personnel who are experts in the field of accident compensation procedures. We will assess your claim and act accordingly to achieve a successful compensation outcome.

Anyone who has been involved in an accident at work and suffered injuries through no fault of their own should visit their doctor so he or she can make a medical assessment and a written report about your condition. Industrial accident compensation can be claimed if you think your company was negligent in their duty of care towards you, our solicitors can help you to make a claim, with a no win no fee service which means that you will have no costs to pay, win or lose.

If you have any queries or doubts about proceeding with a compensation claim then we can discuss these worries with you and advise you on the options available. Employees can claim back salary losses from their employers when proceeding with an industrial accident compensation claim as well as:-

  • Prescription fees
  • Medical expenses
  • Travel expenses

We put our clients first. All of our clients receive 100% of the compensation so that they can access the best medical and rehabilitation treatment. Contact us today for more information about making an industrial accident compensation claim.

According to UK Health and Safety Executive specialists the single largest cause of industrial diseases is asbestos. The dangers of this material were not widely known until the 1970s and affected employees in various industries over different time periods. Industrial disease compensation can be pursued by employees if they feel their employer was at fault for particular conditions such as:-

  • Lung cancer
  • Pleural plaques
  • Asbestosis

These health issues can seriously hinder quality of life and in some cases be fatal.

If you are suffering from an illness related to asbestos exposure or any other hazardous materials or chemicals in the workplace, professional solicitors can help with an industrial disease compensation claim if you feel your employer was negligent in their duty of care. They have the experience and understanding to guide you throughout the claims process, you may be entitled to claim for:-

  • Medical expenses
  • The cost of care
  • Loss of income
  • Permanent disability

Reputable lawyers will ensure that you receive 100% of any compensation awarded and also provide a no-win no-fee service to all clients.

Accidents in factories are sadly not uncommon, often resulting in serious injuries for employees unless the workplace is managed carefully under strict health and safety guidelines. Factories can be dangerous places to work in, there is always a lot of machinery and vehicles as well as people around. You may be able to make a claim for factory accident compensation if you have suffered an accident in a factory whether as an employee, visitor or contractor and you strongly believe the incident could have been prevented if reasonable care had been exercised by the management team.

Factories obviously vary in size, function and purpose so accidents and injuries can occur under many circumstances although some of the more common types are:-

  • Accidents involving machinery, tools and equipment
  • Accidents involving vehicles – for instance fork lift trucks
  • Fires and explosions
  • Injuries caused by slips, trips and falls
  • Injuries related to manual handling
  • Injuries due to the lack of protective clothing

A factory accident compensation claim should be undertaken with the help of a reputable solicitor if you have sustained an injury through no fault of your own.

Injuries caused by harmful chemicals can be devastating; many of them require immediate attention. It is estimated that around 20-25% of chemical injuries that need treatment more often than not occur in the workplace. If you have been injured by using chemicals and the incident was not your fault then claim chemical accident compensation. .

As well as helping you with a chemical compensation claim for your injuries, we can also help to recover loss of earnings and any other losses following an accident involving chemicals. Our clients are guaranteed to receive 100% compensation of any successful payment and will not incur any costs whatever the result of the claim may be. A claim for chemical accident compensation can be carried out on a no-win no-fee basis so anyone who decides to go ahead for compensation after suffering a chemical injury, through the fault of another, has nothing to worry about financially or otherwise.

Acoustic shock is the common name for a short, high-intensity sound which can be transmitted through a variety of technological devices, particularly radio sets or telephones. It can cause, amongst other things:

  • Permanent damage to hearing
  • Tinnitus
  • Hyperacusis

An acoustic shock compensation claim can be made if you believe you have suffered any of the above caused by inadequately protected working conditions for which your employer can be deemed to have been at fault. Find out more by contacting a team of understanding solicitors who can support your claim for compensation.

If you have been affected by an acoustic shock problem as a result of your working environment then rest assured you are entitled to claim compensation. Solicitors have the in-house expertise to help your acoustic shock claim with their understanding and professionalism that they show to all clients. Lawyers dealing with acoustic shock compensation claims will take on board your concerns and provide the necessary reassurance for you to feel comfortable about going ahead, they offer a no-win no-fee agreement. If the outcome is successful you will receive a 100% compensation payment with no costs deducted at all.

Statistics have shown that the main causes of forklift truck accidents are generally the lack of training and inadequate supervision of forklifts at work. Uneven surfaces and potholes on work premises can also cause a forklift accident as well as poor maintenance of the vehicle. Employers have a duty of care to their staff to keep them safe when forklift trucks are in use, if you have been involved in a forklift truck accident at work you may be eligible to claim compensation.

Our expert work accident solicitors can assist you in claiming forklift accident compensation to compensate for:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation treatments

Our solicitors will pursue your claim on a no win, no fee basis, meaning that you keep 100% of the compensation awarded and will not have to pay anything if your claim is unsuccessful. You should not feel guilty regarding submitting a claim against your employer; if their negligence has caused you to have an accident then you should look into making a forklift accident claim.

Construction sites can be dangerous places to work in if safety procedures and inadequate staff training are not provided by employers. There should be rigid rules regarding health and safety issues, however some employers cut corners and do not implement the necessary requirements which can result in accidents. A construction accident compensation claim can be applied for if you have sustained an injury through your employer’s negligence, to find out more, contact professional solicitors who will provide you with advice and information of how to go ahead.

We treat all clients with compassion and understanding throughout the claims process. Our solicitors realise that some people may feel unsure about whether to actually make a claim so do their utmost to make the procedure as straightforward as possible. Our team guarantees:

  • Free no-obligation advice
  • No-win no-fee service
  • No hidden charges
  • 100% compensation

Once it has been established that your injury was a result of negligence, we will assess the extent of the injury as well as your psychological condition, to begin determining what to claim compensation for.